Overview of Budget Construction

The Budget Construction module is a financial tool that allows your organization to construct the base budget for the coming fiscal year. It is used to designate a base fiscal commitment.

The Budget Construction module differs from other KFS modules in that users do not initiate the Budget Construction (BC) document. Instead, BC documents for existing accounts are created by the batch job that is run once a year. Users may create a new document if one has not already been loaded as a result of the one-time batch load (Genesis) or the nightly batch updates. In either case BC documents do not route for approval.

To retrieve a BC document, you access it from the Budget Construction Selection menu screen. This screen provides quick access to several different functions via menu buttons.

The BC document sets budgets in whole dollars.

In Budget Construction, routing is called 'pull-up' and 'push-down' and is controlled by users assigned to the BC Processors roles. BC processors move the documents along the organization hierarchy defined in the chart of accounts. What any specific user can do with the document depends upon where it is in the hierarchy and the pre-defined locking rules.


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