Transaction Lines Tab

The Transaction Lines tab allows you to increase or decrease the corpus amount for a true endowment.

Transaction Lines tab definition





Required. Indicates the KEMID affected by the transaction. The KEMID specified must be a permanent endowment. Enter the ID or use the lookup _searchicon.gif to find it.

Line Description (Increase)

Description (Decrease)

Optional. The reason for the corpus adjustment.

Income or Principal

Display only. Indicates whether the transaction affects income or principal. For this e-doc, the value is automatically set to 'P' (Principal).

Transaction Amount

Required. The dollar amount by which the KEMID's corpus is to be increased or decreased.


Click a button to perform an action on this line. When you are adding a new line, only the add button is displayed. After you have added a line, the bal inquiry button (which allows you to select and view balance inquiry reports) and delete button (which allows you to delete the line from the document) are displayed.

Total Principal Amount

Display only. The sum of all amounts affecting principal in the transaction lines. Calculated and displayed separately for the Increase and Decrease sections of the tab.


Importing Transaction Lines