Document Layout

The Namespace document contains the Edit Namespace tab.

Edit Namespace tab definition




Required. Enter the namespace code for this namespace. The KFS convention for most namespaces is application abbreviation and module abbreviation separated by a dash (KFS-PURAP, KR-WKFLW, etc.)

Namespace Name

Required. A longer text description for this namespace code.

Application Namespace Code

Optional. An additional namespace identifier which identifies which application should recognize this namespace code. This is generally only used in instances where the regular namespace code is not enough to make an definition unique. This definition is normally used directly on the Parameter document and not assigned specifically to a namespace on this table.

Active Indicator


Required. Leave checked to indicate that this namespace is active and can be associated with permissions, responsibilities, roles and Kuali data elements organized by namespace. Uncheck the box to inactivate this namespace and make it an invalid choice.