A departmental user wants to order cleaning supplies from a vendor from whom he or she has ordered supplies in the past. The user would like these supplies to be charged to account 1031400 and is using the catalog number and price for the products from a previous order.

The initiator searches for the vendor and completes the Items section with the information on hand. Adjustments may need to be made to this information when the requisition ultimately becomes a PO. The user indicates on the Accounting Lines section for the items that they are to be charged to account 1031400 and object code 5000. The initiator also enters information indicating where the goods are to be delivered on the Delivery tab and additional information about the user creating the requisition on the Additional Institutional Info tab.

The requisition is completed by user khuntley. Routing workflow sends the requisition to a fiscal officer for approval. After the fiscal officer picks the requisition up from his or her action list and approves the requisition, the Route Log is updated to show that the actions taken include the fiscal officer's approval.


Purchase Order