Standard Transaction E-Docs

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On the Main Menu tab, the Transactions submenu provides access to a number of PURAP functions that allow users to view and maintain a variety of standard PURAP e-docs.

PURAP e-docs available from the Main Menu, Transactions submenu

Document Type



Bulk Receiving (RCVB)

The bulk receiving document is used by a central receiving office to record the number of cartons or packages received. The printed receiving ticket is used to facilitate the delivery of the goods to the delivery address.

Contract Manager Assignment (ACM)

This document creates the purchase order when a contract manager's number is associated with the requisition.

Payment Request (PREQ)

When an invoice against a purchase order is received from the vendor, the system generates a payment request document to initiate payment to the vendor.

Receiving (RVCL)

The Receiving document is used by a central receiving organization or a departmental user to record the receipt of goods on purchase order line items where a quantity exists. The document is also used to record goods that were damaged, returned, or unordered.

Requisition (REQS)

This document indicates goods or services you want to order through the KFS system. The requisition also provides purchasing with the authority to use funds from the accounts specified.

Shop Catalogs

This document is used to connect to on-line vendor catalogs to create shopping carts. Returning the cart into Kuali creates a requisition document. This feature requires a B2B integrator.

Vendor Credit Memo (CM)

This document initiates adjustments or records refunds for goods or services related to invoices processed on purchase orders.


Bulk Receiving

Contract Manager Assignment

Payment Request

Electronic Invoice Reject

Receiving (Line Item Receiving)


Purchase Order

Purchase Order Amend

Purchase Order Payment Hold

Purchase Order Remove Payment Hold

Purchase Order Retransmit

Purchase Order Void

Purchase Order Close

Purchase Order Reopen

Purchase Order Split

Shop Catalogs

Vendor Credit Memo