Contract Manager Assignment


The Contract Manager Assignment (ACM) document enables you to see a list of fully approved requisitions that did not automatically generate a purchase order through the APO process yet are ready to begin the purchasing process. When you assign a contract manager to any of these approved requisitions on this document, the system assigns the contract manager and creates a PO.

go-arrow-red   For information about APOs, see the business rules for the Purchase Order e-doc.

exclaim     In order to move requisitions into the purchasing process in a timely way, you must select the Contract Manager Assignment link on the main menu on a regular basis.

pencil-small     The way a Purchasing Department manages its workload varies from institution to institution. Some institutions assign work by commodity (for example, a computer contract manager vs. a contract manager who purchases MRO goods). Other institutions assign work to the person with the fewest projects. Yet others have such a small staff that one contract managers handles all of the work. The KFS Contract Manager Assignment document is designed to handle any type of work distribution.


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