Business Rules

      Object code restrictions can be made by object type, object sub-type, and object consolidation.

      Account restrictions can be based on sub-fund.

      Negative amounts are allowed to accommodate credits given against prior transactions.

      Capital assets are not allowed to be purchased with the MPA card and are, therefore, not allowed on the MPDO.

      The document cannot be disapproved or canceled.

      The MPDO document cannot be selected from the Main Menu tab.

      The total document amount cannot be changed. The total of the Accounting Lines for each transaction cannot be changed.

      Since MPA card transactions are initiated by a batch process, the MPDO document is not available in the Financial Transactions area within the Main Menu.

      An attachment with attachment type labeled “Receipts” must be attached prior to the first FO approval.

      If the cardholder is an inactive user, skip routing and send to the fiscal officer of the default account.