Typographic Conventions

This document adheres to specific documentation standards and style conventions to optimize readability. The formatting of text used to name 'things you click on' is typically bold to enhance visual comprehension and improve usability. Field names are also displayed in boldface type and are displayed exactly as they are on the KFS screens.

Sequential tasks are numbered, notes and action results are indented, and user interface element references are typically formatted with the first initial capitalized to enhance readability. Mouse pointer icons and callouts are used frequently to show you what to click on at each process step.

Wherever a KFS function is accessible via a menu, the documentation for the function provides a “breadcrumb trail” to show you how to access it. For example:

According to the breadcrumb trail shown above, you access the Cash Control e-doc by clicking the Main Menu tab and then looking in the Transactions submenu and the Accounts Receivable submenu group to find Cash Control. When you click the Cash Control link, the system displays the e-doc entitled Cash Control. (Due to space limitations, the title on an e-doc may vary slightly from the linked item name on the menu. Consequently, the breadcrumb trail shows both the linked name on the menu and the actual title on the e-doc or other screen displayed after you select the menu item.)


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