About the KFS User Documentation

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) is a community-source software application system developed by and for higher education institutions to serve their financial software needs. The purpose of KFS user documentation set is to provide high-quality descriptions of how the software system interacts and performs with manual procedures in order to appropriately respond to business events. It is aimed at not only providing user guides and online help for implementing institutions, but also providing a basis for training new system users. The documentation contains detailed descriptions of the functionality of each component of the application, so it may serve as a reference for users who are already quite familiar with financial business rules and web-based software.

The audience is all users of KFS, but the focus is on standard end-users rather than those involved in configuration and maintenance. Administrator and superuser functions are covered, but not in great detail. These user types, as well as implementation specialists, and those seeking information about installation, customization, configuration, implementation, workflow, system administration and maintenance should consult the KFS technical documentation resources that are accessible from www.kuali.org. Additionally, these users may refer to technical documentation on the KFS wiki (http://test.kuali.org/confluence) for more detailed information resources.

The term 'end user' is meant to differentiate software developers from the users of the programs they write, and similarly, for information technology professionals to distinguish the system administrator from the users of computers for which the administrator is responsible. The administration topics in this documentation cover only the maintenance documents used for maintaining reference tables used in system administration.


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