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'The Kuali Foundation is not your vendor.' - Brad Wheeler

The Kuali Foundation does not have a large staff that does the work of a software vendor, including produce documentation. It does, however, assist with coordinating the sharing of documentation. Similarly, it does not serve as a corporate help desk, but instead provides access to online collaboration tools that allow implementing institutions and end users to help each other.

Documentation Wiki: Even though Kuali software is carefully designed to be easy to use without the assistance of documentation, it is nonetheless delivered with high-quality documentation in the form of integrated online help, printable user guides, functional specifications, technical design, and installation/implementation documentation. All of these materials are accessible via the Kuali Confluence wiki.

Online Collaboration (Community Documentation 'Remixing' and Sharing): Implementing institutions and user community members take the delivered, project-specific documentation, 'remix' it based on their unique implementations, and contribute it to the Community so others may take advantage of it. The Kuali Collaborative Learning Environment is where this sharing occurs. It also provides important mailing lists, news, and event subscription services.

Commercial Affiliate Documentation & Support: Commercial affiliate community members may also produce customized documentation to accompany the customized Kuali software and/or hardware they sell along with the implementation-related services they provide to their clients. The Kuali web site offers an index to these firms and links to their contact information.

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