Personal Vehicle Section

pencil-small     This section is optional if the Per Diem or Traveler Expenses section is completed.

The Personal Vehicle section is used to calculate a reimbursement based on a KFS defined mileage rate for the personal vehicle used during the trip. The mileage rates are set up in the Travel Mileage document.


go-arrow-red   The Travel Mileage Rate cocument is available in the Disbursement Voucher menu group of the Maintenance menu tab. For more information about the Travel Mileage Rate document, see Disbursement Voucher Travel Mileage Rate.

Personal Vehicle section definition




From (City/State)

Optional. Enter the city and state where the traveler departed.

To (City/State)

Optional. Enter the destination city and state.

Round Trip

Optional. Select the check box if the personal vehicle was used round trip.

Mileage Amount

Optional. Enter the number of personal vehicle miles driven. Enter the total number of miles for round trip travel; selecting Round Trip does not automatically double miles driven.

Calculated Amount

Display-only. The amount is calculated based on a 'per mile' rate stored in the KFS when calculate is clicked.


Traveler Expenses Section