Document Layout

The DV document has several unique tabs—Payment Information, Contact Information, Special Handling, Nonresident Alien Tax, Wire Transfer, Foreign Draft, Nonemployee Travel Expense, Pre-Paid Travel Expenses, and Pre-Disbursement Processor Statusin addition to the standard financial transaction tabs.

go-arrow-red   For more information about the standard tabs, see Standard Tabs.

In addition to the Document Overview and Accounting Lines tabs, two DV-specific tabs, Payment Information and Contact Information, are always required.

      The Payment Information tab contains information regarding the payee, payment reason, payment method, documentation location, and attachments.

      The Contact Information tab contains information relating to the initiator and contains the text to be included on the check stub.

Other tabs may be required based on the selections made in the Payment Information tab.


Payment Information Tab

Contact Information Tab

Special Handling Tab

Nonresident Alien Tax Tab

Wire Transfer Tab

Foreign Draft Tab

Non-Employee Travel Expense Tab

Pre-Paid Travel Expenses Tab

Pre-Disbursement Processor Status Tab

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