Print Disbursement Voucher Cover Sheet Link

If you have attachments or supporting documentation that needs to go to another university location you can print a cover sheet to accompany them. This cover sheet contains identifying information about the DV as well as an address field indicating where these materials should be sent.

To print a cover sheet, click the Print Disbursement Voucher Cover Sheet link which becomes available in the upper middle area of the document after you successfully submit the document.

The cover sheet opens as a PDF document. Print the document, send it along with any attachments or supporting documentation and send it to the address shown on the cover sheet.


lightbolb-small   Searching for a Disbursement Voucher Document: The Disbursement Voucher document has its own unique document lookup from the Disbursement Vouchers search submenu group. In addition to the normal search criteria, you may optionally search on the payee number, name, or payment reason code.


Process Overview