Contact Information Tab

The Contact Information tab contains information that is intended to be printed on the check. When the DV document is first initiated, the Contact Name and the Campus Code default to those of the initiator's.

The Contact for a DV is typically the initiator, thus the contact information is typically the name, phone, and email address of the initiator.

Contact Information tab definition




Contact Name

Required. This field is pre-filled with the name of the document initiator but may be edited.


Required. Enter the contact person's phone number (including area code)

Email Address

Required. Enter the contact person's email address

Campus Code

Display-only. The code of the campus associated with the document's initiator, derived from the user's profile.

exclaim     The information in this tab is included on the check stub and is seen by the payee when they receive the check. If you want to include information that only other KFS users can view, add a note or attachment to the document instead. For more information about the Notes and Attachments tab, see Notes and Attachments Tab .


Special Handling Tab