Business Rules

Any user with access to KFS may initiate an Asset Retirement Global document via the Asset Retirement Reason Lookup screen. The type of retirement code allowed for each user depends on both the person's role assigned by his or her department and his or her employee status:

      Any KFS user with organizational update access may use the following retirement reasons:





External transfer






      A user designated as a KFS-SYS Asset Manager, KFS-SYS Asset Processor/backup or KFS-SYS Plant Fund Accountant may use these retirement reasons:

Asset created in error

Asset separated retirement

Check canceled


General error correction

Plant fund retirement

Retirement of control assets

      Only the KFS-SYS Plant Fund Accountant may use a retirement reason of Razed.

      Only the KFS-SYS Asset Manager, KFS-SYS Asset Processor/Backup, KFS-SYS Plant Fund Accountant, KFS-CAM Manager, and KFS-CAM Processor may use a retirement reason of Merged.

      These retirement reasons may not be used for Asset Retirement Global:

Batch retirement asset purchased <= 7/1/96

Batch retirement asset >= 7/1/96

Batch retired < 5000.00 FY 2003

      To perform non-movable capital asset retirements for art, bond issuance, buildings, infrastructure, land, land improvements, leasehold improvements, and library books, a user must have a role of KFS-SYS Asset Manager or KFS-SYS Plant Fund Accountant. These roles identify users in the Central Administration Capital Asset Office who are responsible for non-movable assets.


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