Vendor Tab

The Vendor tab allows you to modify the vendor address information via address lookup if the credit memo has been processed against a PO or a vendor. You may also add check stub notes on this tab.

This tab contains two sections, Vendor Address and Vendor Info.

Vendor Address section definition





Display-only. The name of the vendor.

Vendor #

Display-only. The number that uniquely identifies the particular vendor.

Address 1

Required. The first line of the vendor's address. A change of address is possible via lookup _searchicon for credits processed referencing the PO or referencing the vendor.

pencil-small     The lookup is not provided if a payment request number was entered in the Credit Memo Initiation tab

Leave as is or search for the address from the Address lookup _searchicon.

Address 2

Display-only. The second line of the vendor address.


Display-only. If the credit memo is against a payment request and the payment request had an attention line completed, the name in the attention line on the payment request populates this field.


Display-only. The city of the vendor's address.



Display-only. The state of the vendor's address.


Display-only. The province of the vendor's address (foreign addresses).

Postal Code


Display-only. The postal code of the vendor's address.



Display-only. The country of the vendor's address.


Vendor Info Section