Flexible Banking Offsets

Document types that require a user to specify a bank account number (such as the Advance Deposit or Credit Card Receipt documents) can apply offset entries to a special account associated with this bank account number. If the ENABLE_BANK_SPECIFICATION_IND parameter is set to 'Y,' an additional set of cash entries is created to a designated accounting string (chart, account, sub-account, object code, and sub-object code) defined in the Bank document. These entries occur in addition to the normally generated cash offsets created to balance a set of transactions. In effect, they reclassify the generic cash entry to a bank-specific cash entry for reconciliation and tracking purposes. If the ENABLE_BANK_SPECIFICATION_IND parameter is set to 'N,' the normal balancing cash entries are created but the reclassification of cash to a bank-specific entry is not performed.

This option allows the user to specify the document types on which a bank code should appear. This information, which is specified in the BANK_CODE_DOCUMENT_TYPES parameter, allows you to specify bank information on additional document types that create disbursements or record revenue. A default Bank Code value should be established for each document type by using the DEFAULT_BANK_BY_DOCUMENT_TYPE parameter.

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Flexible Offsets by Account