Edit List of xxx Tab

The global documents include the Edit List of xxx (where xxx is an attribute name) tab which allows you to add the attributes you want to modify. This can be done by looking up attributes to include on your document and using the Look Up / Add Multiple xxx lookup searchicon or by adding the values manually one at a time. At least one item must be selected on the Edit List of xxx tab.

go-arrow-red   For more information about a specific global document, see the subsection for that e-doc.

exclaim     It is important to note that all global documents do not behave in exactly the same way. For accounts and organization reversion, the global document can only update accounts and organization reversion rules. For object and sub-object codes, the global document allows you to create new and update codes. The Account Delegate Global document is unique in that it deactivates all existing delegation for accounts on the document and replaces it with the delegation on the document.


Standard COA E-Docs