Document Information Tab

This tab provides basic information about the document type. Much of the information here is identical to that available in the Document Type Inquiry.

Document Information tab definition




The name that uniquely identifies this type of document.

If the user viewing the Configuration screen has permission to edit document type maintenance documents, the system also displays the Edit Document Type link.


A longer, more descriptive name for this type of document. In some cases the name and the label may be identical.

Parent Name

The type of document that is the parent to (i.e., higher than) this document type in the document type hierarchy. To display the Document Configuration view for the parent document type, click the linked parent name.

Doc Handler URL


The URL for the document handler associated with this document type. This information is helpful for technical users.

Help URL

The URL for the online help associated with this document type.

Child Document Types

If this document type is a parent, the system displays all of its types for all of its children document types. To see the document configuration view for a child document type, click the link for the desired child document type.


Permissions Tab