Permissions Tab

This tab identifies the KIM permissions that are invoked by this type of document. Collapsible sections indicate how the document type is associated with each permission.

The Defined for This Document section lists permissions that specifically refer to this document type. But many document types receive most, if not all, their associated permissions by inheriting them from parent document types. Additional tabs display this inherited information and the name of the document type from which the permissions are inherited. For example, in the screenshot below, this document type inherits permissions from both FinancialProcessingTransactionalDocument and FinancialSystemTransactionalDocument.

Because more specific permissions override more general ones, some listed permissions may not apply. The system displays overridden permissions as gray strike-through text. In the example below the 'Initiate Document' permission inherited from the AccountsPayableTransactionalDocument is overridden by a more specific permission displayed in the Defined for this Document section.

An inherited permission overridden by a more specific permission

Permissions tab definition



Template Name

Display only. The name of the permissions template on which this permission is based. The template often defines, in a broad sense, what the permission controls. Similar types of permissions have the same template.

Permission Name

Display only. The name of this permission. In most cases the permission name is the same as the associated template name.

pencil-small    Permission names are generally not unique because they describe types of authorization that may appear in many places throughout the application.

Detail Values

Display only. Additional detailed information that, when taken with the permission name, defines the permission's function.

Granted to Roles

Display only. The roles (i.e., the namespace and name of each role) associated with this permission. In some cases multiple roles may be associated with the same permission. To view the Role Inquiry, click the linked name of the desired role.


Workflow / Responsibilities Tab