Collector Flat File Upload

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pencil-small.gif     Collector uploads are designed to accept feeds from departments billing other units at your institution. This process does some file validation and has built in email communications back to the customer using it. The collector is best used for feeding in General Ledger entries that are not coming from an enterprise-level system and may be prone to errors. Collector files can be in .xml format or loaded as flat text files. Uploaded Collector files will be processed the next time the collectorJob batch job is run.

go-arrow-red   For information about the Collector XML Upload, see Collector XML Upload.

go-arrow-red   For information on procedures that apply to all KFS batch uploads on the Administration menu, see Batch Upload Basics.

The Collector Flat File Upload function is available only to the members of the KFS-GL Interdepartmental Billing Processor role.

When you select the Collector Flat File Upload option from the Administration menu tab, the system displays the GL Collector (flat file format) Batch Upload document. This document allows you to upload flat files into the General Ledger.


Collector Flat File Upload Format