KEW Overview

The KFS uses the KEW (also called Workflow) to handle the routing of electronic documents for actions such as approvals, acknowledgements and FYI notifications. Although much KEW functionality works behind the scenes, the action list and doc search buttons and the Workflow submenu options on the KFS Administration menu tab are part of the KEW. These workflow options allow you access, act on, and search for many types of e-docs from various functional areas from a single location. Additionally, the Route Log tab on your KFS e-docs is a workflow feature that allows you to follow the progress of given documents through the approval process.

pencil-small     Many facets of Workflow (such as the route nodes that define how a given document type routes) are stored in workflow process definition files for the various document types. These files can be easily modified to alter the default routing of documents in your KFS implementation, but doing so requires a technical resource and as such is beyond the scope of this documentation.

KFS Workflow relies on Kuali Identity Management (KIM) to specify when workflow action requests are to be generated and who should take action to fulfill them. Functional users employ the KIM interfaces to make changes that affect the routing of documents.


Route Levels and Workflow Routing