Add New Detail Line Section

This section allows for the addition of new accounting lines for effort distribution.

Effort Summary tab, Add New Detail Line section definitions





Required. Enter the chart to which the new account belongs or use the Chart lookup _searchicon.

    When the parameter Accounts_Can_Cross_Charts is set to 'No', the system derives the chart code from the account number entered, and an entry in this field is not required.

Account Number

Required. Enter the account number you want to add to this employee's effort distribution or use the Account lookup _searchicon.



Optional. If the new effort distribution being added is to be distributed to a sub-account, enter the appropriate sub-account here or use the Sub-Account lookup _searchicon.


Enter the percentage of effort you want to assign to this new accounting line. The percentage must be entered as an integer (no decimal allowed).


When the line is added, the system calculates the salary amount based on the specified effort.


Click the Add button to add your new accounting distribution line to the Effort Certification document.


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