Assign a Contract Manager Tab

The Assign a Contract Manager tab lists all approved requisitions that have not yet had a contract manager assigned so you can assign a contract mangers and initiate PO documents.

pencil-small     You do not need to assign a contract manager to every requisition. Any requisitions that are not assigned will be displayed the next time the Contract Manager Assignment document is created.

exclaim     If no requisitions need to be assigned a contract manager, an error message is displayed.

Assign a Contract Manager tab definition




Contract Manager

Optional. Enter the contract manager code for the person you want to assign to this requisition or search for it from the Contract Manager lookup _searchicon.

Requisition Number

Display-only. The system-generated requisition number.




Display-only. The delivery campus defaults based on the information in the requisition.

Vendor Name

Display-only. The suggested vendor name from the requisition.

General Description

Display-only. The description from the Document Overview tab of the requisition document.


Display-only. The total dollar amount from the requisition based on all line items and miscellaneous items.

Create Date


Display-only. The date the requisition was created.

First Item Description

Display-only. The text description associated with the first line item on the requisition.

First Item Commodity Code

Display-only. The commodity code assigned to the first line item on the requisition.

First Object Code

Display-only. The object code associated with the accounting string for the first line item on the requisition.

University Fiscal Year

Display-only. The fiscal year assigned to the requisition.


Process Overview