Business Rules

      There must be at least one accounting line in the document.

      Unlike other documents with more than one side, there is no relationship between the Encumbrance and Disencumbrance sections of accounting lines. Hence, there are no totals in the Accounting Lines tab of the document.

      Only object codes with an object type code of Expenditure Not Expense (EE) or Expense Expenditure (EX) are allowed on this document.

      Negative amounts are not allowed. Encumbrances and disencumbrances are both recorded as positive amounts.

      The KFS automatically generates offset entries, as defined by information entered into the document.

pencil-small     If you are using the Sufficient Funds checking feature of the KFS, remember that encumbrances are taken into account in the sufficient funds calculation. For more information about Sufficient Funds checking, see Sufficient Funds Balance Update.