Journal Voucher Details Tab

The Journal Voucher Details tab is unique to the JV document and contains several fields.


Journal Voucher Details tab




Accounting Period


Required. Select an accounting from the Accounting Period list. The Accounting Period list contains open accounting periods only.

Balance Type Code

Required. Select a balance type from the Balance Type Code list or from the lookup searchicon. Both methods display the same selections.

Reversal Date

Optional. Enter the date when the automated reversal process should post reversing entries to the G/L for this transaction, or select it from the calendar cal.

The Accounting Lines tab of the JV varies slightly from other types of financial transaction documents. This section of the JV also varies depending on which Balance Type is selected. The Object Type is a required field for all JVs.

External Encumbrance Balance Type: When you select 'EX' as the Balance Type in the Journal Voucher Details tab, you must enter the Reference Origination Code, Reference Number, and Reference Type Code in addition to the normal accounting string detail and credit or debit amount.


Additional information for EX balancing type in the Accounting Lines tab



Reference Origination Code

Required. Enter the system code that generated the entry being corrected or search for it in the Ref Origin Code lookup searchicon.

Reference Number

Required. Enter the Ref Number for the specific transaction line being corrected.

Reference Type Code

Required. Enter the Ref Type Code of document for the transactions being processed, or search for it in the Ref Type Code lookup searchicon.

pencil-small     Balance Type Code and JV: The Balance Type Code controls whether or not you are prompted to enter an offsetting transaction in the accounting line. In order to find out if the offsetting transactions are required, click the round magnifying glass icon icon-magnifying-glass next to the Balance Type Code and review the Offset Generation column. When the offset generation is set to 'Yes in the JV asks the user if they want to continue to route the out of balance JV.


Process Overview