Purchase Order Retransmit Tab

This tab requires a transmission method, header, and items to print.

Purchase Order Retransmit tab definition




Method of

PO Transmission


Defaults to 'PRINT'. 'FAX' may be an option if a fax server was set up during the installation of KFS.

Fax Number

Optional. Required if transmission method is 'FAX'. Enter the fax number.

PO Header

Select the verbiage to print as a subtitle on the PO. The selections are 'Retransmission of Purchase Order' and 'Purchase Order'. Defaults to 'Retransmission of Purchase Order'.

pencil-small     See the figure below for the exact location of the subtitle on the PDF.


Check the box for each item you want to have printed. You must select at least one item.

1.     Select the items to print. If desired, click buttonsmall_selectall to select all items or click buttonsmall_deselect to clear the Select check boxes.

2.     Click the buttonsmall_retransmit button again. The system displays a PDF document in the window.


Process Overview