CAMs Items Section

If there are qualifying items on the PO and if you click the select button in the Action field in the System Selection section, the system displays another section—CAMs Items—in the Capital Asset tab.

Only qualifying items appear in this section. There may be multiple items. To qualify, an item's total amount must exceed the capital asset threshold ($5000) and the object code used in the accounting line must be a capital asset object code.

pencil-small     Initially items are listed in this section with the detail fields hidden. Click the show button for an item to expand the display of relevant fields.

System Detail section definition



Capital Asset Note Text

Optional. Enter text specific to this asset.

Receiving Outside of Current Fiscal Year

Optional. Defaults to 'No' with a  button available. Clicking the  button toggles this field to 'Yes,' changes the button to clear, and fixes the Asset Type Code field value below to '40004' (Moveable Assets Not Yet Received, or Placed in Service). Clicking the clear button reverses the 'select'.

Asset Type Code

Optional. Enter the asset type code or search for it from the Asset Type lookup searchicon.

How Many Assets

Optional. Enter the # of assets that are being affected.


Optional. Enter the name of the manufacturer. Clicking the same as vendor button will populate this field with the vendor name as entered on the Vendor tab of the document.

Model Number


Optional. Enter the model number of the asset.

Location section definition



Item Quantity

Optional. Enter the quantity of the item to be stored at this location.



Optional. Defaults to the campus code used in the item accounting line, but may be changed via the Campus lookup searchicon.



Optional. May be populated by searching for the building code with the Building lookup searchicon. This action will also fill in all address fields for the selected building. To clear Building and all address fields, click the  button.


Optional. Enter the street address for this location.



Optional. Enter the room for this location.


Optional. Enter the city for this location.



Optional. Select the state code from the list.

Postal Code


Optional. Enter the postal code for this location.



Optional. Select the country from the list.

All the display-only line item information is from the PO line item. Only line items that qualify as capital assets display here.

Capital Asset Items section definition



Capital Asset Transaction Type


Optional. Defines the type of asset.

The add button applies only to the Location data. Adding a location causes the system to create a section for the address. This section shows only the heading line and a show button that may be used to display the address detail below the Location section. Additional locations may be entered and added as needed, each with a specified quantity of the item. For example, if 20 capital items are ordered for use at different locations, the add button may be used to enter the locations and specify the number of assets to be placed at each.


Payment Info Tab