Document Layout

The PO document contains several unique tabs or unique sections in tabs that appear on all KFS documents : Document Overview (contains unique sections), Delivery, Vendor, Stipulations, Items, Capital Asset, Payment Info, Additional Institutional Info, Quote, Account Summary, View Related Documents, and View Payment History. While some of these tabs may appear in other financial documents, the tabs in a PO document may contain additional information.

go-arrow-red   For information about the standard tabs such as Document Overview, General Ledger Pending Entries, Notes and Attachments, Ad Hoc Recipients, Route Log, Capital Asset, and Accounting Lines tabs, see Standard Tabs.

The PO e-doc is a very large document (too large to display conveniently in a single image). It is shown below in a series of partial screen captures.

Purchase Order document tabs and purposes

Tab Name


Document Overview

In addition to the standard document overview information (description, explanation, and organization document number), contains the fiscal year, line item receiving requirements, contract manager, use tax indicator, funding source, previous purchase order number, the source of the requisition and a way to alter the status of the PO when waiting on information from a vendor or the department.


Contains information about the final delivery and central receiving addresses.


Contains information about the vendor who has been selected to provide the goods or services and the reason the vendor was selected.


Allows for the entry of stipulations that the vendor filling this PO must follow. May also be used for any additional contractual information that should be added to the PO.


Identifies what is being ordered on this PO and establishes an accounting distribution indicating how these items should be charged.

Capital Asset

Collects information about high-value assets that must be accounted for as capital investments

Payment Info

Indicates the type of payment schedule required and the duration of that schedule if recurring payments are required for the items on this PO

Additional Institutional Info

Collects information about the organization at your institution that has requested the goods or services for this PO as well as the transmission method and internal contact information.


If a quote is initiated in the purchasing process this tab will contain the list of vendors who were invited to participate in the quote process. Each vendor's response, and ranking, along with the name of the vendor awarded the order, is displayed here.

Account Summary

Summarizes the accounting information for all the line items on this PO. The line items that make up the summary display here.

View Related Documents

Lists all documents related to this PO such as the requisition, receiving documents, payments, credit memos. Also all the various PO documents that are created from the PO when the PO is amended, closed, open, or retransmitted.

View Payment History

Lists all the payment requests and credit memos related to this PO document.

General Ledger Pending Entries

Generates a display-only view of the encumbrances that have not yet posted the G/L. This tab may be empty if there are no pending entries.


Document Header

Document Overview Tab

Delivery Tab

Vendor Tab

Stipulations Tab

Items Tab

Payment Info Tab

Additional Institutional Info Tab

Sensitive Data Button

Quote Tab

Account Summary Tab

View Related Documents Tab

View Payment History Tab

General Ledger Pending Entries Tab