General Ledger Pending Entries Tab

G/L Pending Ledger entries are generated after the PO document is submitted. These entries include the encumbrances for the transaction and the appropriate offsetting entry. After the nightly batch jobs run to post the G/L entries, these pending entries no longer display here.


General Ledger Pending Entries tab definition




Seq #

Display-only. Assigns a number to the entry in sequential order.

Fiscal Year


Display-only. Identifies the fiscal year of the debit or credit.



Display-only. Identifies the chart to which the pending entry is assigned.



Display-only. Identifies the account number to which the pending entry is assigned.



Display-only. Identifies the sub-account, if one exists, to which the pending entry is assigned.


Display-only. Identifies the object code of the item being ordered.


Display-only. Identifies the sub-object code of the item being ordered, if one exists.


Display-only. Identifies the project code, if one exists, to which the PO is assigned.

Doc. Type Code

Display-only. Identifies the document type code of the document. When working with POs, this value will almost always be PO.

Balance Type


Display-only. Identifies the different balances (actuals, budget, encumbrances, etc.) recorded in KFS to facilitate reporting and financial queries.

Obj. Type

Display-only. Categorizes object codes into general categories identifying income, expenses, assets, liabilities, fund balance or transfers.


Display-only. Indicates the amount charged to each account on the PO.


Display-only. Indicates whether the entry is a debit (D) or credit (C) to the account.


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