Document Header

As in other KFS documents, the header section contains basic identification and status information about the PO document as well as who created it. However, the PO document has two additional fields in the document header that do not appear in other KFS documents.


These additional fields are defined below.

Document Header definition for a Purchase Order document




Purchase Order #

An identifying number assigned to this PO. The PO number may be used for queries specific to the Purchasing/AP module of the KFS. This number differs from the Doc Nbr entry, which identifies the PO as a unique document for general KFS and Workflow queries.

Purchase Order Status


A status that indicates where the PO is in the Purchasing/AP process. This indicator is similar to the status a document receives in Workflow, but it is specific to the purchasing process. Examples of PO status include 'In Process,' 'Awaiting Purchasing Approval,' 'Out for Quote,' and 'Closed'.


Document Overview Tab