Responsibility Details Tab

This tab identifies the document type and route node associated with this responsibility. It also defines other responsibility information such as whether or not the action details reside at the role member level.

Responsibility Details tab definition



Document Type Name

Required. Enter the name of the document type this responsibility is associated with or use the Document Type Lookup _searchicon to search for and select a value.


Route Node Name

Required. The name of the route node at which this responsibility should be invoked.

Action Details at Role Member Level

Required (defaults to False). Check this box if you want role members associated with this responsibility to be able to define the type of workflow action they will need to take in order to fulfill the action request it generates.


Required (defaults to False). Check this box if you wish documents of this type to go into Exception status if this responsibility does not generate at least one action request.

Qualifier Resolver Provided Identifier

Optional. In most cases this field should be blank. It can be used as an additional identifier KIM will use to choose the correct responsibility information for a given doc type. The document type must pass the provided identifier to KIM.

This is only used in the KFS based data for the routing of group documents. The group type ID is populated here and determines how the document routes (Chart and Organization type groups do organization review routing and default group types do not).