Show Position Pick List

To view the appointment data from the position perspective, use the Show Position Pick List option in the Select Operation tab. To do so:

1.     Select the Organization Sub-Tree and click the  button next to Show Position Pick List.

2.     Enter your select criteria and click .

pencil-small     The  button expands the search option to the entire BC position or BC incumbent table, while the initial search screens return the subset associated with selected organization(s). The Posn Salset w/ sync menu becomes available when you click extended.

The extended button is typically used to add new incumbents or positions, not positions that are not currently budgeted in the selected organization(s) sub-tree.

3.     Click  to select a position

The system displays the Salary Setting by Position screen.

go-arrow-red     For information about using this screen, see Salary Setting by Position.


Show Incumbent Pick List