Show Incumbent Pick List

To view the appointment data from the incumbent perspective, use the Show Incumbent Pick List option from the Select Operation tab. To do so:

1.     Select the organization sub-tree and click the  button next to Show Incumbent Pick List.

2.     Enter your search criteria and click .

The  button expands the search to the entire BC position or BC incumbent table, whereas the initial search screens return the subset associated with selected organization(s). The Incmbnt Salset w/ sync menu becomes available when you click extended.

The extended button is typically used to add new incumbents or positions that are not current budgeted in the selected organization(s) sub-tree.

3.     Click  to make a selection of the position.

The system displays the Salary Setting by Incumbent screen.

go-arrow-red    For information about using this screen, see Salary Setting by Incumbent.


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