Edit CG ICR Tab

The CG ICR tab must be completed if this is an expense sub-account associated with a Contracts and Grants account. This information determines how indirect cost should be calculated for expenses applied to this sub-account. This information may be the same as the ICR information for the parent account or it may be different. For example, a sub-account might be used to track expenses that record indirect costs at a greater or lesser percentage of direct costs than the rest of the account.

The CG ICR tab is only required if the sub-account type code value has been set to 'EX.


Edit CG ICR tab definition



Financial ICR Series Identifier

Optional. Enter the series ID that indicates at what percentage indirect cost recovery should be applied to expenses on the sub-account.

ICR Chart of Accounts Code

Optional. Select the chart associated with the account to which the indirect cost recovery revenue is applied from the Chart list.

ICR Account Number

Optional. Enter the account to which indirect cost revenue should be applied.

ICR Type Code

Optional. Select the type code which defines what kind of direct costs generate indirect costs on the sub-account from the ICR Type Code list.

Off Campus Indicator

Optional. Select the check box if the indirect cost recovery associated with the account reflects an off-campus rate (off-campus rates often differ from regular on-campus rates). Clear the check box if it does not.


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