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Parent Name

Required. Every document type must answer to another document type in a parent/child relationship. Use the lookup to search for the document type to which this document type will answer.

Document types can inherit important definitions from their parent document types, including permissions and responsibilities.


Required. The common name of the document type. For most KFS documents the name is a four-character abbreviation. Note that while the name field can support longer names (and KEW and KIM documents are examples of these) the Labor Ledger and General Ledger can only support document names up to four characters in length. If you are creating a new document type that will eventually populate the ledgers be sure to abide by this four character convention.

Document Handler URL

Optional. (Technical) Identifies the basic URL that will take a user to this document type.

Notification From Address

Optional. The email address that will appear as the 'From' address on any action list notifications sent by workflow for this document type. This allows several applications using workflow to maintain separate notification email addresses.


Required. The box should be checked if the document type is active and available for use. Uncheck the box to inactivate the document type. Note that you cannot post labor or General Ledger KFS entries with inactive document types.



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