Fields Available for Retroactive Application Tab

These are Document Type definitions that can be edited retroactively if need be. This means that should you decide to change one of these values for a given document type it is possible to apply the change retroactively to any documents of this type already created. For example, if you decided to change the Label of the Budget Adjustment document type you could choose that have that label change apply to historical Budget Adjustment documents in your KFS system.

Fields Available for Retroactive Application tab definition




Optional. The Label appears in most places where document types are displayed in results (including the action list and document search screens) and is commonly longer than the document Name, which is often an abbreviation.


Optional. A text description of this document type.

Help Definition URL

Optional. (Technical) Identifies the URL where the online help content for this document type resides.

Apply Label Change Retroactively

Optional. Check this box only when updating an existing document type and only if you wish the fields on this tab to be updated on previously created versions of documents of this type.



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