The Psychology Department has determined that prior to June 30 (the end of the fiscal year), a supply order was charged to account 1031420 with object code, 4100 (Office Supplies). It is now July 6 and the department would like to distribute the portion of the order that represents lab supplies to the correct object code, 4035 (Lab Supplies) for the prior fiscal year.

Because it is now July, the Department must process a Year-End version of the Distribution of Income and Expense document to ensure that the General Ledger entries are posted to the correct fiscal year. Aside from the name of the document in the upper-left corner, the Year-End DI is virtually the same as the regular DI document. However, instead of being posted to the current fiscal year, these entries are made to the open period of the prior fiscal year.

The document also routes differently in that it does not require the approval of the fiscal officer for account 1031420.



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