Year End E-Docs

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On the Main Menu tab, the Year-End Transactions submenu provides access to year-end versions of the following financial documents:

      Budget Adjustment (YEBA)

      Distribution of Income/Expense (YEDI)

      General Error Correction (YEGEC)

      Transfer of Funds (YETF)

go-arrow-red.gif   This documentation does not provide a separate section for each individual year end e-doc because these e-docs are similar to each other and are similar to their regular e-doc counterparts. General information about the year-end e-docs is provided below. For information about business rules for each e-doc, see the section on its regular counterpart.

The Year-End documents are used to record transactions that occurred during a fiscal year, but were not recorded prior to the end of the final accounting period for that fiscal year. The standard versions of the KFS financial documents post the transaction to the current fiscal year and period during which the document is approved. The Year-End documents are posted to whatever fiscal period of the previous fiscal year is currently open to receive transactions (period 12 or 13 depending on the institution's posting schedule). fiscal officers and support staff, department, responsibility center, and campus administration staff are typical users of the Year-End documents.

The Year-End documents are used primarily in the period between the end of a fiscal year and the end of the closing period for that fiscal year. A KFS Superuser (likely a central administrator at the institution) determines when these documents become available and for how long they are active. In most cases they are available for only a brief window of time following the end of an institution's fiscal year, prior to final closing of that fiscal year.


Year-End E-Doc Business Rules

Year-End E-Doc Routing

Initiating a Year-End Document