Business Rules

      Object code restrictions can be made by object type, object sub-type, object level, object consolidation and object code.

      Account restrictions can be based on sub-fund, function code and account number.

      Restrictions can be global, restricting use on the document as a whole.

      Restrictions can also be based on the Merchant Category Code (MCC) associated with the transaction.

      Total amount cannot be changed.

      Negative amounts are allowed to accommodate credits given against prior transactions.

      The Procurement Card e-doc can potentially create multiple accounting lines with the same Chart, Account, Sub-Account, Object, and Sub-Object. When capital assets are affected, before submitting the document for processing the user must either assign all identical lines together in the Accounting Lines for Capitalization tab or distinguish the lines by adding/changing the Project Code or the Org Ref ID in the Accounting Lines tab.

      The document cannot be disapproved or canceled.

      Institutions may define a number of days after generation of the PCDO documents after which they are automatically approved by the system.

      The PCDO document cannot be selected from the Main Menu tab.

pencil-small     The total document amount cannot be changed. The total of the Accounting Lines for each transaction should not be changed.

pencil-small     Since procurement card transactions are initiated by a batch process, you do not see the PCDO document selection in the Financial Transactions area within the Main Menu.