Post Processing

      Unlike other KFS documents, G/L entries for this document are created prior to final approval. Upon document submission to Workflow, disencumbrance entries and actual charges are generated, written to the G/L pending entry table, and posted in the nightly G/L batch cycle. If fiscal officers change accounting strings or redistribute the charges within their accounts, G/L entries are generated to reverse the original actual entries and recreate them (encumbrances are not altered) and these entries are written to the GL Pending table for posting in the next batch cycle.

      Upon document submission, PO line item details (open quantity, amount paid, etc.) are adjusted to reflect materials/services that have been paid.

      Upon document submission, the 'ap-approved' timestamp will be updated.

      If the department completes all of the approvals through Workflow, the payment request status is updated to 'Dept-Approved' during post-processing. If the document is automatically approved through the batch auto-approve script, its status is updated to 'Auto-Approved'.

      Canceling a payment request that has already received some level of approval will result in reversing G/L entries (encumbrances and actuals) and reversing updates to the PO line items affected (open quantity, amount paid, etc.).

The Timing of G/L Update: After a Payment Request document has been created and submitted, it updates the G/L the next time a batch process runs. Note that this timing is different from that of most KFS docs, which do not update the G/L until the document receives all approvals. If accounting entries on the document change before it reaches 'Final' status, the G/L entries is updated accordingly the next time a batch process runs.



Initiating a Payment Request Document