Requesting To Cancel a Payment Request

An approver who receives the payment request may choose to request that it be canceled. After a request cancel has been made, the payment request cannot be routed or paid until the cancel request is removed.

A request cancel may be made any time after the payment request has begun routing for approval and before it has received fiscal officer approval. After a request cancel has been made, the actual cancellation is performed by Accounts Payable.

pencil-small     After a payment request has received fiscal officer approval, it may still be canceled by Accounts Payable until it is extracted to the Pre-Disbursement Processor.

To request cancellation:

1.     Open the document and click the  button.

2.     In the window displayed, provide a reason for canceling the request.

3.     Click buttonsmall_Yes to cancel the payment request.

The document provides an informational message stating who has requested cancel of the document.


Removing a Request to Cancel