Room File Upload

Administration > Batch > System > Room CSV File Upload


When an authorized user selects the Room CSV File Upload option from the Administration Tab, the system displays the Room Upload entry screen.  This upload accepts CSV formatted files in order to add or modify room database records.  When a file has been added via the entry screen, the batch job (Quartz) in KFS-SYS – roomUploadFileJob needs to be scheduled to run.  Upon adding the file via the entry screen, the system saves the file within the roomUpload section in the Batch File Lookup.

KFS will produce an email to a designated group, listing the additions and changes from the file upload.



The room file upload template includes 7 fields.

Campus_Cd, Bldg_Cd, Bldg_Room_Nbr are required fields.  The Active_Ind is recommended, but if nothing is entered in the file it will default to N and the record will be loaded or edited as if it is inactive. The header line of field names should be included in the CSV file when being added.



Security (Batch submenu)