Editing the To Section

The user may make changes to the Chart of Accounts fields and the Amt fields on the To section.

      To delete the line, click the tinybutton-delete1 button in the Actions column.

      To delete all lines, click thetinybutton-deleteall button located above the Actions column.

      To inquire G/L balances, click the tinybutton-balinquiry button.

exclaim     An amount may not be transferred if it exceeds the Labor Ledger balance total for the fiscal year, pay period, chart, account, sub-account, object, and sub-object shown in the From section.

exclaim           When moving salary or fringe benefits to an account that has been coded not to accept fringe benefits, the user must select the Non-fringe Override check box or a different account before the line may be added. The check box appears only in the Salary Expense Transfer (ST) and Benefit Expense Transfer (BT) documents in the Labor Distribution module.

Select the Non-fringe Override check box to use the defined fringe account for this account:


Process Overview