Reversion and Carry Forward Summary

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go-arrow-red.gif   For information about the standard features of KFS reports, see Standard Reports.

The Reversion and Carry Forward Summary Report displays a summary of the budget balance reversions and carry forwards that occur during the organization reversion process. Information is first displayed by account and sub account, then by responsibility center and finally by campus.

Budget balances available for reversion are calculated and displayed for each defined Organization Reversion category. Note that the balance available to revert may vary from the budget balance based on the organization reversion rules applicable to that balance. The total budget amount carried forward to the next fiscal year is displayed immediately following the summary for each account and sub-account combination. Balance reversions to other accounts are displayed below that and identify the account number to which the balances were reverted.

Information presented for each responsibility center and campus also summarizes available balances by organization reversion category. Balances carried forward and reverted for that responsibility center or campus are displayed below the categorical breakdown.


Trial Balance