Copying a Document (initiating a document based on another document)

You may initiate a new document based on an existing document.

1.     Retrieve the document from which you want to copy.

go-arrow-red     For information about how to retrieve a document, see Using Doc Search to Find a Document.

2.     Click buttonsmall_copy in the array of workflow action buttons.

The system creates a new document with a new document ID. The document ID information for the copied-from document is displayed in the document header and also in the Notes and Attachments tab of the new document.

pencil-small       Clicking the Copied from Document Id takes you to the document you copied from.
Copied from header
A note stating that the document was copied from another document is attached to the copied-from document.
Notes and Attachment - Copied From

3.     Complete required tabs for the document.

4.     Click buttonsmall_submit to route the document for approval.

go-arrow-red    For information about the requirements for a particular type of e-doc, see the help documentation for the specific document type. For information about routing the document, see Routing a Document.

lightbolb-small     Lookup and Copy Feature for Chart of Account Maintenance e-docs
To create a Chart of Accounts code that is similar to one of the existing codes, click the copy link. The system creates a document with the same values, except for the values in the identifying fields. This copy feature is available on the document lookup directly from the Main Menu or Maintenance menu tab and is not available from the valid value lookup within the financial transaction documents.
Lookup and Copy


Saving a Document