Adding a Location to the Asset Detail Information

To add a new location to the Asset Detail Information, follow these steps:

1.     Enter the campus, quantity and location information that is common to all the assets being added.

2.     Click tinybutton-add1 to add the location.

The system opens an Asset Location-Asset Unique Information(xxxxxx) section (where 'xxxxxx' is the system-assigned asset number) within the tab. This section allows you to add more asset detail information for each of the assets designated for this location.

Asset Location Asset Unique Information section definition



Asset Number

Display-only. The system-assigned identifier unique to the asset.

Serial Number


Optional. Enter the unique identification number assigned to the asset by the manufacturer.

Organization Inventory Name


Optional. Enter a common name for inventory purposes. This name is used to sort assets within an organization in order to assist with physical inventories. This name is In addition to the equipment description that CAM pulls from the associated purchase order.
(For example, 'GMC FABRICATED ABC1234 WIDE BODY DUMP' may have an organizational inventory name of 'Recycling Truck.')

Organization Asset Type Identifier

Optional. Enter the type used by the organization to classify the equipment.

Government Tag


Optional; for assets purchased with federal and/or state funds. Enter the number assigned by a governmental entity to the asset.

Tag Number


Optional. Enter the unique identification number issued by the University and affixed to the asset.


Stock Number


Optional. Enter the federal identification number assigned to the asset.

Asset Representative


Optional. Enter a user ID in order to group and sort assets by this user's name on reports. If desired, search for this user ID from the Person lookup searchicon.

Asset Representative Name

Optional. Enter the actual name of the user represented by the asset representative user ID. If desired, search for the name from the Person lookup searchicon.


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