Add Payments Tab


Payment information for non-capital equipment is optional.

pencil-small     When you create a non-capital asset, system edits prevent the use of a capital object code.

The fields displayed in the Add Payments tab change depending on the acquisition type selected.

pencil-small     For acquisitions types of Found, Gift, Cptl Transfer-in Federally/Other Owned, and Transferred from other Univ. or Federal, the following values are system assigned:
- Document Number is set to be the same as the Document Number of the Asset Global document.
- Document Type Code is set to 'AA' for (Add) Asset Global document.
- The Origin code is set to '01,' which indicated KFS.
- Posted Date is set to the document approved date.
These system-assigned values are not displayed on the document.

pencil-small     When the asset payment information is fed into the document via CAB, all payment information is view only.

Add Payments tab definition



Transaction Entry Sequence Id

Display-only. This is the payment sequence number. This number helps identify a unique payment record. The sequence number is system assigned.

Chart Code


Required. Select from the list the chart code for the account that either funded the asset or is the owner of the asset, or search for the code from the Chart lookup searchicon.

    When the parameter Accounts_Can_Cross_Charts is set to 'No', the system derives the chart code from the account number entered, and an entry in this field is not required.

Account Number

Required. Enter the account number that paid for or owns the asset or search for the number from the Account lookup searchicon. The account number in the Add Payments tab identifies accounts that contributed to the purchase of the asset. This number may differ from the one entered in the Asset Detail Information tab—a number that is used to identify ownership for the physical inventory of the asset.



Optional. Enter the associated sub-account number or search for it from the Sub Account lookup searchicon.

Object Code

Required. Enter the object code or search for it from the Object lookup searchicon.


Optional. Enter the sub-object code or search for it from the Sub Object lookup searchicon.

Project Code


Optional. Enter the project code or search for it from the Project lookup searchicon.

Organization Reference Id

Optional. Enter a reference identification number assigned by the organization.


Optional. Enter the code that indicates the source system of the payment transaction. '01' indicates KFS. The user may also search for the code from the Origin lookup searchicon.

Document Number

Required when the acquisition type is 'New. Enter the payment request document number or the document number of the Asset Global document. For gifts, found, and transfers, this value is automatically assigned to be the document number of the Asset Global document being processed.

Document Type Code

Required for capital gifts, found, transfers, and state excess. The type code is pre-set to 'AA' for Add Asset. For capital equipment this value is normally set to 'PREQ.' For non-capital equipment, 'PREQ' or 'AA' may be used. The user may also search for the code from the Document Type lookup searchicon.

Purchase Order Number

Optional. Enter the purchase order number for this asset.

Requisition Number

Optional. Enter the requisition number used to order the equipment.


Required. Enter the amount for the total number of assets.
Example: If 4 non-capital assets are being created with a unit cost of $750.00, enter $3,000.00 in this field.

Total Amount

Display-only. This is the result of (account amounts/quantity)


Adding a Payment to the Asset Detail Information