Position Funding Tab

The Position Funding tab allows you to assign the funding accounting line to the position. Generally, for existing lines, you simply enter the request amount. This amount represents the portion of the employee's annual salary that is to be paid out of an account, sub-account, object, and sub-object for the particular position.

The leave request code and/or reason code does not affect the calculated amount. Reason codes are used only when a salary needs to be tagged to allow inclusion/exclusion in salary statistics reports or analysis. Leaves request codes are used to indicate that an employee will be on a leave of absence during the fiscal year being budgeted.

Unlike the Salary Setting by Incumbent screen, on the Salary Setting by Position screen the object code is already assigned to the funding line.


Position Funding tab description




An indicator that prompts the system to permanently remove from the account this combination of person and position when the budget is loaded.



The chart of accounts for the account being budgeted


The account number from which funding is to be provided.

Sub Account

The sub-account, if applicable, from which funding is to be provided


The object code to which this fund will be added

Sub Object

The sub-object code, if applicable, to which this funding will be added.


The employee ID. A lookup icon takes you to the Intended Incumbent Lookup screen.


The classification level for the employee. The value generally indicates who is a full professor and who is an associate professor.


Administrative post. A component of “rank,” this field is used at IU and is for display-only in the budget.

Request Amount

The requested funding for a salary line.

Request Hourly Rate

The requested hourly rate for a salary line. The system computes this value as annual request divided by 2080.

Request Months

The number of months for which funding is budgeted for this position

Request Percent Time

The appointment funding percentage.

Request FTE

Display-only. The current appointment funding percentage. This amount is calculated as (appointment % time) x (appointment months).

Request Reason Select

Allows the user to justify salary request, which might exceed salary policy guidelines. Informational only.

Request Reason Amount

The amount associated with the specific reason code. Can be used to indicate the portion of the salary or salary increase associated with this reason. Can be zero.

Leave Request CSF

Codes describing reasons for leaves of absence. Select from the Duration of Leave list. The default value is 'NONE'.

Leave Request FTE

Display-only. System-calculated value if the Leaves Request % or Duration of Leaves code are edited on this screen.

Leave Request CSF Amount

This field is activated when a Duration Leaves code of other than 'NONE' is selected. It allows you to enter the total funding amount that should be reflected in the CSF tracker during a leave of absence, as if the person were not on leave.

Total Intended Amount

Reflects the total of all funding pieces assumed for this position by the budget construction user updating the account. This field allows you to enter total funding when the incumbent is funded by more than one account.

CSF Amount

The ongoing base salary commitment for a given instance of an account or position.


The current appointment funding percentage. This amount is calculated as (appointment % time) x (appointment months).


Use Cases