Assignees Tab

This tab contains all members who belong to this role. You may also use the tab to add new members and edit the values associated with existing members.

Assignees tab definition



Type Code

Required. Role members can be principals (as defined on the Person document), groups or other roles. Select the type of member you want to add to this Role.

Member Identifier

Required. Enter the ID of the member you want to add or use the lookup _searchicon to search for and select a valid value. The lookup directs you to the Principal, Group or Role lookup based on your Member Type Code selection.

Namespace Cd

Display only. Identifies the namespace code associated with this role member. Note that only groups and roles will display a namespace code.


Display only. Identifies the name of the member being assigned to this role.

Active From Date

Optional. Allows you to qualify this member's association with this role by date. Entering a from date will define the earliest date on which this member is a valid member of this role.

Active To Date

Optional. Allows you to deactivate a member's association with a role on a specific date. The date you enter defines the date the user is no longer a member of this role.

pencil-small    You cannot delete or inactivate role members. To remove a member from a role, specify an active to date.


Click the Add button to add this member to the role.

pencil-small     Additional fields may be required, such as Chart Code or Organization Code, depending on the role type selected.

exclaim     Note that when assigning roles to other roles (nesting roles), qualifying values are not required. Some roles in the KFS base data contain special logic to derive the required qualifiers from the nested role itself without qualifiers being specified. You may always specify qualifying values for a nested role and should do so unless you know the role being assigned contains logic to derive the qualifiers from the nested role. Roles without the proper qualifiers can cause problems throughout your KFS instance. Please consult with a KFS technical resource if you are unsure of whether or not to provide qualifying values when assigning a role to another role.


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